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Preparing Your Child for Kindergarten: Tips and Strategies for Parents

Updated: Jan 12

As a parent, the leap into kindergarten feels like a monumental milestone, both for your child and for you. It marks the beginning of their education journey and sets the stage for their future academic and social development. Here's a guide to help you navigate this exciting transition.

Preparing Your Child for Kindergarten

Helping your child transition smoothly into kindergarten involves more than academics. Here's how you can support their holistic development:

1. Foster Independence:

  • Encourage your child to do simple tasks independently, like dressing themselves, organizing toys, or following simple instructions. This cultivates confidence and self-reliance.

2. Develop Adaptive Functioning Skills:

  • Practice activities that enhance their problem-solving skills, fine and gross motor skills, and ability to navigate daily routines, such as using utensils, opening containers, or tidying up after playtime.

3. Nurture Emotion Regulation:

  • Teach your child healthy ways to express and manage emotions. Model coping strategies, like taking deep breaths or talking about feelings, to help them regulate their emotions effectively.

4. Cultivate Social Skills:

  • Arrange playdates or group activities to encourage social interaction. Practice how to take turns, share, and communicate effectively with peers.

Assessing Readiness for Academic Learning

Understanding your child's readiness for academic learning from a developmental perspective can provide valuable insights. Research shows that children who demonstrate academic readiness also demonstrate greater achievement throughout their early years of school. WonderTree offers school readiness assessments designed to measure the knowledge, skills and behaviours that can enable your child to participate and succeed in school. These assessments can aid in understanding your child's strengths and areas for growth, offering guidance on how best to support their learning journey. You’ll also receive a brief written evaluation to give to your school or keep for your own records.

If you are concerned that there are gaps in your child’s readiness for school or are looking for ways to provide supports to help them gain skills that will set them up for success. WonderTree also offers a variety of services. Our Occupational Therapists, Speech and Language Pathologists, and Developmental Service Workers can provide support in developing independence, adaptive skills, and speech and language skills. 

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