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Are you worried about your child’s ability to communicate or be understood by others? Are you concerned about how clear or easy it is for them to get their words out? WonderTree Speech and Language Therapists help kids gain valuable communication skills and empower parents to support their kid's language development.

***Only virtual services available at this time***

WonderTree Speech-Language Pathologists (SLP) can help by supporting you and your family via assessment, parent support, and child based therapy. 


 Some common areas that our SLP specialize in offering support:

  • Build their vocabulary and ability to communicate their needs and wants

  • Speak more clearly (articulation, phonology, motor-speech)

  • Understand more (listening skills and receptive language)

  • Play with others (social-pragmatics, emotional self-regulation, and social-conversational skills)

  • Speak using sentences (expressive language – grammar, morphology and syntax)

  • Speak more fluently or with a more typical sounding voice

  • Reach their fullest potential with enthusiasm and pride

  • Use communication aids/ Augmentative Alternative Communication (PEC, core boards, ASL/SEE, etc.)


WonderTree Speech and Language Pathologists specialize in assessing your child's language abilities and determining if/what kind of support is recommended. WonderTree provides evidence-based interventions and prides itself on interventions founded on a well-done initial assessment. Based on the assessment, a treatment plan will be created to target key skills. 


Initial Assessment for Treatment

The first session will consist of a functional assessment to understand your child's strengths, areas of need, and develop a treatment program. 

Rate: $270

Includes a 50 min direct assessment session with parent and child present, as well as background review, and documentation

Therapy Sessions

Session length and frequency varies depending on your child’s age and their communication goals. Sessions are typically scheduled for 30 to 45 minutes on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. Our SLP will work with your family to create a treatment plan that includes the number of sessions and length of sessions that would be most beneficial.

Rate: $90 - $135

Based on session length

Comprehensive Standardized Assessment

Does your child require a formal assessment for diagnosis or detailed age- and/or grade-specific results for academic reasons? If the answer is yes, then a comprehensive standardized assessment would be helpful. This type of assessment uses standardized tools to better understand your child's unique profile, and create detailed recommendations for educational interventions, and for speech therapy.


Each assessment is tailored to each child's presenting concerns. The timing of direct assessment testing and report writing will vary depending on the complexity of presenting concerns. 

Rate: $540 - $810

Includes comprehensive background review,

direct assessment testing, scoring, and report writing

Speech and Language services are not covered by OHIP, but may be covered under your extended health insurance benefits.  Check with your insurance provider for details (here is a list of questions you can ask).

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One of our family coordinators will return your call/e-mail within 2 business days. Our family coordinators will help determine which service provider would be the right fit and assist in scheduling your appointment.


685 Riddell Rd., Unit 105

Orangeville, Ontario 

L9W 4Z5

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