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Life Skills

Does your youth or young adult have gaps within their daily routines? Would they benefit from targeted one-to-one support to increase independence? We can help. WonderTree offers in home and virtual functional life skills programming.

***We are only offering virtual coaching at this time***

At WonderTree, our Developmental Service Workers (DSW) support youth and emerging adults to promote and develop independence skills, social and life skills, participate in community activities, and support individuals with pre-employment skills. Our DSWs work with clients and families to increase community participation and independent life skills as youth transition to adulthood. 

Areas of functional life skills that can be targeted for growth:

  • Career path and employment

  • Self-determination/advocacy

  • Health and safety

  • Peer relationships, socialization, and social communication

  • Community participation and personal finance

  • Transportation

  • Leisure/recreation

  • Home living skills

The programming is individually designed following our Life Skills Assessment. At WonderTree, we advise that this assessment be completed prior to creating a support program, unless a pre-existing specific area of need has been identified.

Life Skills Support

  • At WonderTree, we offer a flexible approach depending on the goals and needs of the individual and family. Our Life Skills Support is offered in three structures:

    • Direct Developmental Service Worker (DSW) support (unsupervised) 

    • DSW support supervised by a social worker

    • DSW support supervised by a psychologist

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Follow Up Sessions

  • Follow up sessions are offered to help individuals, families, and/or caregivers support the implementation of the program, and adapt the plan to any roadblocks that arise. 

  • Typically sessions are scheduled for 30 minutes

  • We recommend 3 follow up sessions 



Unsupervised: $37.50 + tax  

Social Work Supervised: $80

Psychologist Supervised: $91

(30 min sessions)

Initial Consultation and Plan Creation

  • An initial 1 hour consultation session with our WonderTree DSW and the parent (youth may also join depending on skill level) to create an individualized plan to work on identified skills.

  • The cost of this session also includes materials created to support skill development (visual schedules, task lists, etc.)

  • When supervised, our DSW will also meet with their respective supervisor to review the plan after the initial consultation appointment


Unsupervised: $112.50 + tax

Social Work Supervised: $176

Psychologist Supervised: $194

(includes 1 hour consultation, 30 min material creation and supervision time)

Functional life skills support with our DSWs may be covered by PassportOne funding and/or Ontario Autism Program (OAP) core funding for eligible families. 

Families may also be able to utilize private health benefits as well (here is a list of questions you can ask). Please ask us for a quote that you can submit in advance if required by your insurance company.  

How do I get started?

Contact us

A family coordinator will schedule an initial consultation with one of our clinicians

Our clinician will work with you to design your treatment plan

Get started 

Contact Us

One of our family coordinators will return your call/e-mail within 2 business days. Our family coordinators will help determine which service provider would be the right fit and assist in scheduling your appointment.


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