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Executive Functioning

WonderTree Executive Functioning Coaches help kids and teens with planning, organizing, starting, and completing tasks. They can help with prioritizing, time management, and tools to stay focused. 

What is Executive Functioning?


A set of behaviours that help us reach our goals, and complete and perform complex tasks. They are a set of skills or "mental processes" that include the ability to plan, focus our attention, juggle multiple tasks, flexibly shift our focus or approach to a task, self-monitor our performance, get started on a task, and manage our time. 

Want to learn more?  Check out this link

Does your child struggle with getting started on tasks and completing them? Goal setting? Organizing their day and prioritizing? Do you find yourself helping them manage even the smallest tasks? If yes, executive functioning coaching may be for them. Many neurodivergent youth (e.g., ADHD, ASD, tic disorders), and youth without a diagnosis, struggle with executive functioning.

What is Executive Functioning Coaching? It focuses on both building up your child's executive functioning skills and providing strategies to close their executive functioning gaps, leading to greater independence and less cueing from others. The focus is on helping them (and caregivers) build these skills to independently achieve their personal goals using habit formation. This type of support is sometimes referred to as ADHD coaching, as it is particularly useful for individuals with a diagnosis of ADHD.

Flexible Approach

At WonderTree, we offer a flexible approach depending on the goals and needs of the individual and family. Our Executive Functioning Coaching is offered in three structures:

  • Direct Executive Functioning (EF) Coach support (unsupervised) 

  • EF Coach support supervised by a social worker

  • EF Coach support supervised by a psychologist

Creating Your Coaching Plan

In the first meeting, WonderTree Executive Functioning Coaches work with clients to identify the specific skills they'd like to target.


They review any concerns with the youth and the family, routines in the home, and listen to any school based concerns.


They develop an understanding of the youth's current skill set and identify what to target.


Unsupervised: $130 + tax

Social Work Supervised: $191

Psychology Supervised: $208

(includes 50 minute session + file review, as well as supervision time when applicable. Tax is only applied to sessions not supervised by a regulated health professional)

Coaching Sessions

After the assessment and planning phase, WonderTree Executive Functioning coaches will work with the youth and their families via virtual coaching sessions and daily practice tools. Our coaches are knowledgeable, collaborative, and flexible.

13 Sessions are recommended to transform these new skills into daily habits. Empirical evidence suggests more frequent meetings initially while skills are being acquired, and gradually spacing out appointments to support the maintenance and generalization of the skills.

It is sometimes helpful to start with longer sessions 1 hour initially and then move to 30 min sessions after rapport and initial skills have been developed. 

The following is an example schedule:

  • 2 x per week for one month (8 sessions)

  • 1 x per week for two weeks (2 sessions)

  • 1 x every two weeks  (2 sessions)

  • 1 booster session 1 month after sessions completed (1 session)


Per Session Rate

Unsupervised: $65 + tax (30 min) - $130 + tax (1 hour)

Social Work Supervised: $85 (30 min) - $150 (1 hour)

Psychology Supervised: $91 (30 min) - $156 (1 hour)

(includes 25-50 min session + documentation, as well as supervision time when applicable. Tax is only applied to work not supervised by a regulated health professional).

Families with core funding support from the Ontario Autism Program (OAP) can utilize their funding for this service. 

Families may also be able to utilize private health benefits as well (here is a list of questions you can ask). Please ask us for a quote that you can submit in advance if required by your insurance company. 

Some families may be able to have our or executive functioning services filed under their Disability Tax Credit.

Contact Us

One of our family coordinators will return your call/e-mail within 2 business days. Our family coordinators will help determine which service provider would be the right fit and assist in scheduling your appointment.


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