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Job Coaching

Does your youth or young adult want to work on job readiness skills as they prepare to enter the world of employment? Would they benefit from targeted one-to-one support to increase readiness? We can help. WonderTree offers virtual employment readiness supports with our Job Coach. 

At WonderTree, our Job Coach supports youth and emerging adults to promote and develop advocacy skills and support individuals with pre-employment and employment maintenance skills. Our Job Coach works with clients and families to increase the likelihood of finding employment for youth and young adults where this is their goal.

Areas that can be targeted for growth:

  • Career path and employment

  • Finding a job

  • Self-determination/advocacy

  • Resume Writing

  • Interview skills

  • Building skills to maintain a job/employment

  • Support in identifying how to harness their uniques skills and translate them to the workforce

  • Other areas of need as voiced by the client

Our Job Coaches help youth and young adults that are neurodivergent build their skills and confidence with finding and keeping jobs.

This program is ideal for youth and young adults that are autistic, have ADHD, mental health concerns, Learning Disabilities, or are otherwise neurodivergent.

We offer two virtual programs

VIRTUAL Employment Skills Program

We are happy to introduce you to WonderTree’s Job Readiness Skill Building Group! This group is designed for youth living in Ontario, Canada, ages 15-18 who are seeking to build their employment readiness skills. This group is for those that are autistic, have ADHD, or mental health concerns. This is a virtual group that will run over 6 structured sessions. Participants must commit to participating in all 6 sessions. All sessions are provided virtually. 


Format of the group: 

  • Session 1: “Getting to Know You”- Individual session with our Job Coach

  • Session 2: “Job Maintenance and Professionalism”- Group Meeting

  • Session 3: “Interview Skills”- Group  Meeting

  • Session 4: “Self-Advocacy in the Workplace”- Group Meeting

  • Session 5: “Resume Building, Editing, and Disseminating”- Individual session with our Job Coach

  • Session 6: “Mock Interview Time!”- Individual session with our Job Coach


Session 1: Held May 1st to 12th, 2024 (flexible booking times)

Group Sessions: May 13th, 16th, 20th, 2024

Sessions 5 and 6: Held May 20th to 31st, 2024 (flexible booking times)

Additional sessions: Optional follow up sessions can be booked with Abbie anytime!


The group will be run by a WonderTree Job Coach and Executive Functioning Coach, Abbie Cameron, and supervised by a Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Sanya Sagar. 



Employment Skills Program: $600 (psychologist supervised)

This program may be covered by private insurance or the Ontario Autism Program

Individual Coaching

At WonderTree, all supports are individualized. Individual coaching starts with a session to create your coaching plan prior to starting the coaching sessions

Creating Your Coaching Plan

In the first meeting, WonderTree Job Coaches work with clients to identify the specific skills they'd like to target. Each coaching partnership is driven by the youths goals! Our coaches can support youth with the entire employment process for preparing to apply for jobs to maintaining a job and thriving in the work force; or specific employment skills, such as interviewing, resume writing, advocacy, etc. 

In the first session, coaches will review the youths strengths, areas in need of support, and any concerns identified by the youth and the family. They develop an understanding of the youth's current skill set, employment goals of the youth, and create a plan in collaboration with the youth.

At WonderTree, we offer a flexible approach depending on the goals and needs of the individual and family. Our Job Coaching is offered in three structures:

  • Direct Job Coaching support (unsupervised) 

  • Job Coaching support supervised by a social worker

  • Job Coaching support supervised by a psychologist



Unsupervised: $115 + tax

Social Work Supervised: $174*

Psychology Supervised: $192*

(includes 50 minute session + file review, as well as supervision time when applicable. *Tax is only applied to sessions not supervised by a regulated health professional)

Coaching Sessions

After the assessment and planning phase, WonderTree Executive Functioning coaches will work with the youth and their families via virtual coaching sessions. Our coaches are knowledgeable, collaborative, and flexible. It is sometimes helpful to start with longer sessions 1 hour initially and then move to 30 min sessions after rapport and initial skills have been developed. 

Per Session Rate

Unsupervised: $57 + tax (30 min) - $115 + tax (1 hour)

Social Work Supervised: $77 (30 min) - $135 (1 hour)

Psychology Supervised: $82 (30 min) - $140 (1 hour)

(includes 25-50 min session + documentation, as well as supervision time when applicable. Tax is only applied to work not supervised by a regulated health professional).

*We hold one free spot per group for a teen with a late diagnosis who has not been eligible for OAP funding and the family does not have private insurance. If you would like to add your name to the waitlist for one of these spots please contact us at* 

Families with core funding support from the Ontario Autism Program (OAP) can utilize their funding for this service. 

Families may also be able to utilize private health benefits as well (here is a list of questions you can ask). Please ask us for a quote that you can submit in advance if required by your insurance company. 

Some families may be able to have our or executive functioning services filed under their Disability Tax Credit.

Contact Us

One of our family coordinators will return your call/e-mail within 2 business days. Our family coordinators will help determine which service provider would be the right fit and assist in scheduling your appointment.


685 Riddell Rd., Unit 105

Orangeville, Ontario 

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