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WonderTree's Education Team is staffed by certified teachers (OCT) with years of experience and qualifications in special education. They work to support your child's learning both in school via consultation, as well as out of school with targeted academic interventions. 

Educational Consultation

My child just received a diagnosis, now what does this mean for them at school? What is an IEP? What is an IPRC? How do I know what type of educational interventions I should be advocating for? 


Parents are their child’s advocate. However, figuring out how to best advocate for your child in the school context, understand what is available, what the barriers are to accessing support, and all of the different academic acronyms and red tape can often lead to parents feeling overwhelmed and ill-equipped for this advocacy. 

WonderTree Educational Consultants can be the bridge between the school and the parent. They have years of experience working with youth with complex needs and those that require additional support. They understand the barriers, supports available, and how to access these supports. 

They will review all of the important pieces of information in understanding what your child needs in school and help you design your child’s educational journey. This can include forming specific academic accommodation and modification recommendations, Individualized Education Plan (IEP) review, and targeted academic intervention support.


WonderTree Educational Consultants can also work with your teenager to understand their own IEP and support them with advocacy skills in the high school setting. 

Click here to read our blog for caregivers on understanding school board acronyms, like IPRCs and IEPs. 

Comprehensive Package:

Includes initial consultation meeting and two additional meetings, often composed of a school meeting/teacher consultation, and a follow up meeting. The meetings must occur within 6 months. 

      Rate: $525 + tax

One Time Consultation

Includes one 50 minute meeting, 30 minutes of file review, and 10 minutes of documentation.

      Rate: $225 + tax

Targeted Academic Intervention

Have you been searching for a tutor that understands how your child’s brain ticks?

Initial Assessment:

Includes 50 min consultation between the educational consultant, you, and your child. 

Rate: $75 + tax

Intervention Package:

Includes 10 sessions of direct intervention (tutoring) after initial consultation (60 min per session). Sessions will occur weekly or twice weekly based on WonderTree teacher recommendation and family availability. 

Rate: $750 + tax

Not all tutors are created alike. WonderTree Teachers have Special Education certifications and have worked in a multitude of classrooms serving neurodivergent youth (autistic, LD’s, ID, ADHD, gifted, complex medical). They use individually tailored tutoring methods to address literacy and numeracy skills. WonderTree teachers can also support gifted learners and children with high academic achievement with passion project learning.

WonderTree teachers have received training in executive function intervention, and have access to our multidisciplinary team, including psychology, for consultation as needed. 

Targeted Academic Intervention sessions are available virtually or in person services are available in Bolton, Ontario. 

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Some families may be able to have our targeted academic supports filed under their Disability Tax Credit.

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One of our family coordinators will return your call/e-mail within 2 business days. Our family coordinators will help determine which service provider would be the right fit and assist in scheduling your appointment.


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