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Help! Nothing is working: Classroom Edition.

Updated: Apr 27

A guide to support emotion and behaviour regulation in the classroom

Teaching is a labor of love, and each student brings their unique set of challenges and strengths. Yet, when faced with a student who seems to struggle with regulating their behavior and emotions in class, it can be perplexing and exhausting. To all of the teachers grappling with this challenge, you're not alone. It's tough when you've tried various approaches and nothing seems to quite click or it only works temporarily. Remember, your efforts matter. Our Emotion and Behaviour Regulation Tips for the Classroom document can help guide you through your next steps.

What do we do now?

First, you need to understand your child's/student’s true struggles:

Sometimes, children might find it hard to regulate their behavior and emotions in a classroom setting. It doesn't mean they're not trying or that they're deliberately causing trouble. In fact it really means that there is something else that they are struggling with that is causing these behaviours. Ninety-nine percent of the time the concerning behaviours are a symptom of the level of difficulty they are having- not planned acts of defiance, aggression, or disruption. It could be that they're grappling with overwhelming feelings they don't quite know how to handle yet. It could also be that they are struggling in some other way, such as academically, sensory overwhelm, impulse control, etc.

Know that kids do well if they can.

Review our Emotion and Behaviour Regulation Tips for the Classroom document. This document provides clickable links to videos and tip sheets to help support you in better understanding the underlying cause to the presenting behaviours, as well as take a collaborative approach to identifying a solution that works for the child.

This document also provides tips and strategies for emotion regulation, environmental accommodations, supporting transitions, addressing learning concerns, and consequences.

Navigating a child's challenges with regulating behaviour and emotions in the classroom requires patience, understanding, and a collaborative approach. By working together and maintaining open communication, we can create an environment where every child feels supported and empowered to overcome these hurdles. And remember, our team at WonderTree is here to help!

If you want to get started on support first:

Unsure of what support you may need?

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