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Medication Consultation

Are you debating trialing medication for your child or teen with ADHD, anxiety, mood, OCD, or other mental health concerns? Or are you struggling to manage your child’s medication needs? Feeling they need more frequent consultation? We can help.

***We are only offering virtual consultations at this time***

At WonderTree, our practice strives to support best outcomes for your child or teen by enhancing their access to all aspects of care, including medical management for ADHD and mental health concerns. We use an evidence-based multimodal approach to treatment, including medication, behavioural supports, and personalized academic accommodations. 

WonderTree Nurse Practitioners can provide new prescriptions, or support managing the current prescription if it is no longer working.

Prior diagnosis of ADHD or an identified mental health disorder (diagnostic report from an external or internal clinician required) is required to access our Nurse Practitioners for medication consultation. A referral is not required. WonderTree Nurse Practitioners have experience in providing care to children with complex co-occurring conditions, including Autism, Developmental Disabilities, and Epilepsy. There is no guarantee that clients will be provided with a prescription. It is at the clinical discretion of the Nurse Practitioners whether medication management is the appropriate next step.

Initial Consultation

Initial consultations are scheduled for 45 minutes. Additional time may be required depending on the complexity of the referral.

Prior to their appointment, you will be invited to our patient portal. You will be asked to complete standardized questionnaires and submit your child's pre-existing diagnostic report. The Nurse Practitioners will review their medical file and pre-existing diagnoses prior to the meeting. 

Rate: $300.00 *

Follow Up

Our Nurse Practitioners will continue to support your child with follow up sessions (20 minutes). Typically these will occur weekly to bi-weekly initially and then move to every three months. The follow up will be determined in conjunction between you and their Nurse Practitioners in order to optimize their treatment plan

Rate: $100 *

Consultations with our Nurse Practitioners are currently available for youth (6-18 years old) in Ontario as a private mental health service, meaning it is a fee for service model and not covered by OHIP. Nurse Practitioner services may be covered by private insurance benefits. Please check with your insurance provide (here is a list of questions you can ask).

All fees include non-direct patient time, such as medical history review and consultation note writing. 

* Additional time will be billed pro-rated based on $50 per 15 minutes. 

Click here for ADHD medication management 
Click here for medication management of mental health (anxiety, depression, OCD, etc. )

Letter & Forms

Our Nurse Practitioners can also complete notes and forms as needed.

  • Consultation letters to family physicians - No charge

  • ​Driver’s Medical Examination $75.00

  • Back to work/school notes* $20.00

  • Letter for academic/work accommodations* $20.00

  • University/School/Work Forms requesting accommodations* $30.00  

  • Disability Form (OCF-3) $100.00

  • Long-term Care Insurance $100.00

  • CPP Disability Medical Report $60.00

  • CPP Narrative Medical Report $100.00

  • Revenue Canada, Federal Disability Tax Credit $50.00

  • Employment Insurance Medical Certificate $50.00


* At least one months notice required

Contact Us

One of our family coordinators will return your call/e-mail within 2 business days. Our family coordinators will help determine which service provider would be the right fit and assist in scheduling your appointment.


685 Riddell Rd., Unit 105

Orangeville, Ontario 

L9W 4Z5

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