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All Hands In

Meet the Team

Cristyana Farias

Family Coordinator

My passion for psychology began in middle school on career day, the idea of being a person that children and young people could rely on to share their experiences with sounded wonderful to me. Over the years, this passion for helping children has grown even stronger. I have over 4 years of experience in a medical clinic setting which has exposed me to a diverse range of patients, and I am very adaptable to different personalities. I currently spend my free time volunteering at another psychology clinic doing group therapy sessions with children, and I have loved every session. I recently completed a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at York University – while I was at York, I spent my free time volunteering for tutoring and organizing psychology events around campus! I am in the process of applying to graduate school with the intention of one day becoming an amazing clinical psychologist just like the ones at WonderTree! Outside of work and school, I am playing video games with my two little sisters and walking my miniature dachshund (who is quite sassy). I look forward to helping families and children with efficiency, respect, and care at WonderTree!

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