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Mental Health Assessments

Goal: Develop a clear understanding of what your child is struggling with to determine what therapies may be most helpful. 

Whether your youth is struggling with anxiety, depression, behavioural concerns, or obsessive and compulsive behaviours, an understanding of the concerns will lead to more effective treatment. Common presenting concerns for these types of assessments are:

  • Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)

  • Anxiety disorders (e.g., selective mutism, generalized anxiety disorder)

  • Mood disorders (e.g., depression)

  • Behavioural concerns (e.g., oppositional defiant disorder)

  • Significant emotion dysregulation

  • Self-Harm

What does a Mental Health Assessment involve?



Interview and questionnaires with parents/youth and review of relevant data (e.g., report cards, prior assessments, relevant medical documentation)



Clinical interviewing with the youth, standardized questionnaires completed by parents, the youth, and potentially other relevant people (if consent is provided)


Comprehensive Feedback

The feedback session is directly between the youth and/or parents, and the psychologist. The psychologist will explain the results of the assessment and provide recommendations and next steps.


Brief Diagnostic Report

A diagnostic letter will be provided that includes recommendations for school, home, and the community. This report is different than a psychological assessment report. Typically, it is a brief one to two page document which lists the presenting problems, the client strengths, and any diagnosis that may be present, along with a brief list of key recommendations. 

What are assessments that WonderTree clinicians cannot provide?​

  • Eating Disorders

  • Custody and Access evaluations

  • Parenting Capacity Assessments

  • Substance Abuse Disorders

Although our clinicians do not assess for the above, we can provide referrals to the appropriate agencies/professionals if these concerns arise with our clients. 

Fee: $2000

Additional fees would be applicable if a more comprehensive report is required. 

Psychological services are not covered by OHIP, but may be covered under your extended health insurance benefits. Check with your insurance provider for details (here is a list of questions you can ask). Please ask us for a quote that you can submit in advance if required by your insurance company.   

How do I start an assessment?


Contact us using the information below


A family coordinator will help determine assessment type and schedule your appointment


Meet with one of our clinicians

Contact Us

One of our family coordinators will return your call/e-mail within 2 business days. Our family coordinators will help determine which service provider would be the right fit and assist in scheduling your appointment.


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