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All Hands In

Meet the Team

Cynthia Sloan-Birbeck, NP-Paediatrics

Nurse Practitioner

My passion and dedication to patient advocacy and supporting neurodivergent youth grew during my years of working as a nurse practitioner and nurse at the Hospital for Sick Children and McMaster Children’s Hospital. I understand the barriers that children and families face on a daily basis when trying to access care, particularly when they have multiple diagnoses. At WonderTree, my goal is to help families receive quick and personalized support to help their child with ADHD reach their full potential. I understand that youth with ADHd can be complex and support youth with ADHD that may also have additional diagnoses/concerns (e.g., Autism, Seizures, Mental Health concerns, etc). My role within this team is to work with the youth and family on medication management and symptom monitoring. Choosing to start or stop taking medication can feel like an overwhelming decision, and I am here to help families make an informed choice. I believe in a holistic approach to care, that includes educational, behavioural, emotional, and medical support. Outside of the clinic, I engage in teaching at McMaster University School of Nursing and the University of Toronto Lawerence S. Bloomberg School of Nursing. I am also a mother to three young children, and personally understand how challenging it can be to navigate medical care for your own children.


*I also work at McMaster Children’s Hospital and cannot see clients involved with the paediatric neurology team.

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