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Psychological Assessments offer insight into an individuals strengths and areas of growth/support by using standardized tools and clinical training to understand the whole person and their family. The assessments can be broad and comprehensive or address a specific area of concern. Read below to find out more about what kinds of assessment are available. Click on each type of assessment to read a more detailed description.  

Mental Health 

Having a clear understanding of what a youth is struggling with can help to determine what therapies may be most helpful.


An assessment to understand your child's attention regulation, inhibition skills, and activity needs. 

Kindergarten Readiness

An assessments for children ages 3:0 to 6:11 (years:months). This service helps you understand the strengths and needs of your little one as they graduate toddlerhood and enter the kinder years


An assessment to assist with Developmental Services Ontario application


A comprehensive evaluation to understand brain-behaviour relationships (i.e. how the brain works) with the goals of supporting a child's development across multiple settings.


An in-depth assessment to examine multiple areas of functioning, such as cognitive, academic, social-emotional/mental health, and developing personality.

Developmental & Autism

These evaluations include a focus on many aspect of development, including motor, play, social, and language, and emerging problem solving skills. Children who benefit from neurodevelopmental evaluations generally are experiencing communication, behavioral, or social problems.

Gifted Learner

An assessment to help families advocate for their child’s needs and understand their child’s intellectual potential, as well as assist with identifying academic placements and supports.

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